Owner and Head Tutor

Sarah was my tutor while I was an undergrad at Ball State University. I struggle with math, and desperately needed a tutor for my math and statistics courses. If it wasn’t for Sarah’s help, there is no way I would have been able to pass my courses. Sarah is patient and understands every learner has a different learning style. There were times when she would sense I may not fully understand her examples, and she would switch methods until she made sure I understood the concepts. Sarah was an amazing tutor and helped me tremendously with assignments and exams, I couldn’t have done it without her help!
— Taylor B., college student

Miami University
Ph.D. Chemistry, ABD

Ball State University
M.S. Chemistry
Summa Cum Laude

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
B.S. Chemistry, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology double major
Summa Cum Laude

Subjects :
High school math and science courses      
AP math & science courses
Test Preparation (ACT, SAT, and GRE)
College applications

College statistics
College math (through Calculus)
College science (Freshman Biology, Freshman Physics, All levels of Chemistry)

I started my education at an engineering college, which emphasized rigorous training in mathematics, problem-solving, and inquiry-based science. My master's and Ph.D. coursework helped deepen my understanding and see the hierarchy of skills and topics, which has enabled me to deconstruct complicated ideas for myself and my students. My research is also important in my development, as it has helped me see the connections between academic disciplines and the importance of learning how to transfer skills from other disciplines. Additionally, working in a variety of laboratory settings (traditional chemistry lab, pharmaceutical research, and educational statistical research) has given me particular insight in a variety of applications, and experience in virtually all of the forums in which one of my students might perform.

I not only have the knowledge, I have the experience teaching it. I have tutored and taught for over ten years in a variety of settings. I started in undergrad, where I was trained to tutor in the university learning center. There I assisted students in calculus, genetics, writing, and general and organic chemistry. I quickly realized I had a passion for teaching, and started tutoring outside of the learning center as well. During my graduate work, I supplemented my chemistry course-work with classes on learning theory and educational research, where I honed my ability to use research-based methods in my tutoring and teaching, and learned to critique and evaluate my own instruction. This course-work paid off, as I was awarded the top graduate teaching award at both Ball State and Miami University. More importantly, I have students from both tutoring and teaching that still reach out to me, speaking of their positive learning experience working with me. It's especially rewarding to have students tell me that they were able to pick-up study and learning theory skills that has enabled them to be successful on their own after working with me. 

These extensive experiences have taught me a lot about how students learn. First, I know that all students can learn, and that for any given problematic topic, the student often misunderstands a foundational concept that had not been adequately addressed in the classroom. I can figure out what the root cause of the student's misunderstanding is and help him or her work through it. Further, my mastery of math and science allows me to break down complex issues and make them accessible for students. I also am aware that students can learn in many different ways, and a single methodology will not work for every student. Teaching requires a student-centered approach, where I work to find the needs of the student and family, and how to help him or her gain the skills to master the topic and take control of his/her own learning. Finally, I take a principled stand on tutoring and teaching, and think that it is my job not simply to help a student to memorize material, but also to foster critical thinking skills and overall comprehensions.

My freshman daughter is an excellent student. She is in the gifted and talented program at her school and took Algebra as an 8th grader. This year, she had Geometry but also AP U.S. History with the associated “ton of homework”. She pulled a B in Geometry in the first semester but something happened in the 2nd semester and we saw online that she was actually failing the class with a 59%. She had gotten behind and simply could not catch up and in any kind of math class, a situation like that will not right it self as every concept builds on the next. Neither my husband nor I could help her by this point as she had gotten into problems we just could not remember (it’s been a long time since Geometry class!). I found a few tutors in my area by doing a Google search but after reading their bios, I felt that Sarah would be a good fit. Was she ever?! She came to our house, introduced herself and sat down with my daughter. After asking just a couple of questions to see what the current material was, Sarah jumped right in and began to help. Much was accomplished in just one hour. I was amazed!
Sarah took tutoring to a level I would have never thought of by contacting my daughter’s Geometry teacher and explaining to him what she was doing and even asking him where he was headed. Sarah’s goal was to get my daughter caught up and then, with the info from the teacher, get her ahead so that when she entered the classroom, she already had an idea of how to accomplish the problems which were being taught that day. I think that is an excellent concept! My husband and I had a meeting with the Geometry teacher and he (realizing the work both we, Sarah AND our daughter was putting into regaining the lost ground) agreed to give her partial credit for past assignments which were never turned in (5 total). We told Sarah about this and she made quick work of helping our daughter complete and understand the missed homework assignments. While final grades are not posted yet, she has a very solid C and there is a good chance that she can finish with a B if things continue as they have recently.
Sarah is an excellent tutor and she works very hard to instill confidence in the student. Her personality is very kind and caring and we felt (as did our rather shy daughter) very comfortable with her. She was extremely flexible with times and even places. I simply cannot say enough good things about Sarah. She is very intelligent, able to very effectively break down and explain concepts and she is extremely personable. While I hope it isn’t necessary, I will hire Sarah again if needed...in a heartbeat!!
— Heather H., mother of 9th grade daughter
Sarah tutored Jacob during his four years of high school. At first, I hired her to tutor Jacob in Algebra and for PSAT preparation; however, she quickly became much more to Jacob and our family. Sarah worked with Jacob on a close to daily basis on his course work, focusing on AP and college preparation courses, as well as his organization and time management skills. She stressed comprehension and problem solving, and went above and beyond his course material to ensure this. Additionally, she would create additional work for Jacob to do on areas that he struggled. Moreover, when it was time for Jacob to apply for colleges, Sarah worked with him on his application materials and scholarship applications. He is now studying chemical engineering, and Sarah working with him was an asset in getting him there.
— Mari P., mother of college Freshman