We offer personal tutoring services to meet you and your family's needs. We use established, researched tutoring techniques, and every lesson will be focused on comprehension, retention, and understanding of the material to ensure student success.  

Our mission

Every student can learn [1]; however, not every student is provided the requisite learning opportunities in the classroom. Oftentimes it is simply a missed skill that inhibits learning new material. This gap in a keystone topic causes a snowball effect, and suddenly a student who normally does very well is suddenly lost. This not only effects a student's cognitive ability in the classroom, but their affective domain as well - motivation, self-esteem, and attitude [2]. Our goal is to uncover missing topics, and ensure that a student has comprehension of these. Moreover, we are also keyed into the affective domain, working with students to redevelop confidence and to become more metacognitive learners. This process helps students learn about the process of learning themselves, which enables them to be more independent learners; perhaps one of the most important skills in education [3]. 

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